Congregation members at St. Barbara’s church in Rochester Road, Earlsdon, were thrilled recently to learn that the church has gained a prestigious silver award from national churches environmental auditing scheme Eco Church. The scheme, operated by the worldwide Christian environmental network A Rocha, supports churches in taking practical action to care for God’s world. Churches are assessed against a wide range of criteria gauging how they express care for the environment through their worship and teaching, management of their buildings and land, engagement with the community both locally and globally, and the personal lifestyles of congregation members. These criteria aim to help church congregations “go green” in all areas of church life.
The silver award for St Barbara’s follows a great deal of hard work on the part of a dedicated core team. Like all Anglican churches, St Barbara’s is committed to becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2030. In recent years, the team has helped the church switch its gas and electricity supplies away from fossil fuels, using biomethane (rather than natural gas) and electricity generated by wind, solar, tidal or hydro. Low energy light bulbs are progressively being introduced, as well as heat insulation around the church hall. To encourage pollinators, a wildflower garden has just been planted. In these and many other areas the church continues its efforts to protect the environment locally.