Over the next few weeks, millions of people all over the world will stop to
remember and celebrate the central events of the Christian faith. Do come
and join us for some of our services over this very special time.

Stations of the Cross (26th March; 6.30pm) – a quiet service reflecting on
Jesus’ journey to the cross through a series of images and readings.

Buzz at St B’s Craft Workshop & Easter Service (2nd April; 4pm-5.30pm)
– an afternoon for young families, beginning with craft-making in the church
hall, exploring themes of Easter, before we literally walk through the Easter
story, going to different parts of the church and garden to imagine and re-live
the events of Easter, through drama and music. It is a wonderfully special way
to introduce children to the Easter story. We finish with sandwiches, cakes
and tea.

Holy Week Complines (Monday 3rd – Wednesday 5th April; 7.30pm) – A
short, meditative service, following in the footsteps of Christian communities
throughout the centuries, reflecting on the events of the last week of Jesus’

Maundy Thursday Communion Service (6th April; 7.30pm) – A service
using drama, music and reflection as we share communion and reflect on the
events of the Last Supper.

Good Friday Service of the Cross (7 th April; 2-3pm) – A quiet and moving
service as we remember afresh the suffering and death of Christ.

Easter Sunrise Service (9th April; 5.30am) – an unforgettable way to start
Easter with a bonfire, candles and the welcoming of the dawn, and with a
hearty breakfast for all afterwards. The service, which mixes ancient liturgy,
inspiring readings, visual wonder and joyful celebration, is for many, children
and adults alike, the most memorable service of the year. (Note that this
replaces our usual 8am service).

Easter Sunday Service (9th April; 10am) – a wonderful, uplifting service as
we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the new life he brings, followed by
an Easter bonnet parade.