The vicar addresses the congregation

The vicar addresses the congregation at a Sunday morning service

Most activity happens in the church around services. These are regular meetings of the congregation, which are lead by a minister. Usually this is the Vicar, but other people at the church often help out. One ‘holy communion’ is very similar to the next ‘holy communion’, but the services can be quite different. Each is aimed at catering for the many needs and preferences our congregation has. For example, some services include lots of singing and organ music and others are completely without.

So when’s it on?

Our aim with this web site is to make sure we let people know what is on when, so please do check the events page. Simply put there are always things on on Sundays: there is a small service at 8am followed by a larger one at 10am. But there are many more events and it’s always worth checking.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. There will be a collection during the service, but you don’t have to put any money in if you don’t have any. (But if you can afford to contribute it all helps to heat and light the church.)

Do I need to be a member?

No, anyone can come. We make an effort to try to include everyone and will make a special effort for new people.

Do I have to be a Christian – in the Church of England?

No. You can join in whoever you are. The service includes parts when all the congregation will say the same thing (read from the books handed out at the beginning). If you would rather not say anything then don’t – no one will criticise you.