Garden Blitz on Sunday 12th September (“Scruffy Sunday”)

Over the last 18 months the vegetation in and around the church grounds has grown very well and is in need of a drastic pruning.

After the 10.00am service on Sunday 12th September – weather permitting – the plan is to cut back all the growth in the car park along our boundary with the allotments. Come to church in your scruffy working clothes, bringing with you any garden tools such as hedge trimmers, pruning shears, etc. and also protective gloves if you have them – there are a lot of brambles to be cleared. There are only a limited number of tools in the church shed.

If there are lots of people who volunteer there are other similar jobs to be done – cutting back the hedges on the path by the side of the scout hut up to Beechwood Ave, clearing access to the downpipes/drains around the church and, for those so inclined, then clearing the drain covers themselves, clearing the weeds from the paths and the patio in the area where we have been singing the final hymn of the service, etc.

If you are a gardener and know your plants we also need to cut back/prune all the shrubs against the church walls especially on the south side of the church parallel to Rochester Road

A number of people have been doing some of this work over recent weeks and we have had a problem with getting rid of all that has been cut down. Hopefully we will have nearly 5 empty wheelie bins to fill but if necessary it would be very helpful if some of it could be bagged up, taken home and put in your own bins or taken to the tip – anyway bagging would help perhaps for others to take to the tip.

All the help you can give us will be really appreciated.

Keith Wright