Reading the Bible (Lectio Divina) Step-by-Step

  1. Prepare. Find a place and time when you can read without too many interruptions or distractions.
  2. Pray. Slow yourself down; listen to your breathing. Ask God to meet you in your time with him.
  3. Choose a short passage to read. You may find it helpful to choose the Gospel reading from the previous or upcoming Sunday, or to make your way through Mark or Luke’s Gospels or one of Paul’s letters.
  4. Read the passage slowly, taking time to mull over each sentence. You may find it helpful to read it out loud to yourself.
  5. Listen for particular words, phrases or thoughts that stand out for you, that resonate with you, as you read. Pause and take time to reflect on these. (There is not a “correct” word or thought – God speaks to each of us uniquely through his Word).
  6. Read the passage again another one or two times, using this thought or word as the lens through which to read.
  7. Respond to God, allowing your reflection to lead you into prayer.
  8. Pause, as you finish your prayers, to allow God to speak to you once more, and to thank him for his Word.
  9. Write down a word or short phrase that has been important during your reading, and then return to reflect on it at different points during the rest of the day.


A Regular Time of Prayer                                      

  • Find a regular time when you can pray (eg, before you get out of bed; at breakfast; on your commute to work; at lunch-time or bed-time)
  • Find a space where you can pray (a particular chair, in front of a picture or candle)
  • Try out: and
  • Use Common Worship: Time to Pray or The Rhythm of Life: Celtic Daily Prayer (David Adam)